Welcome to ICC Feline Resource Center. The recently acquired additional facility will now provide an expansion of opportunities in our mission to help abandoned domestic felines and the large percentage of our human population that acres about their welfare. Still All Volunteer, In Care Of Cats (at fallen Timber Road) will allow space for adoptable rescues, low cost spay-neuter clinics, a forum for citizens, a TNR program, and educational activities for adults and children. Working with the governing bodies for stricter laws and stronger enforcement for the protection of animals is key. Our hope is to make a difference in our area regarding the plight of the homeless cat. A lasting difference must involve all aspects of this complicated issue. ICC works by the premise that "on the farm, or in the home, or on the street, all domestic companion animals are our responsibility." Ultimately changing attitudes, and perceptions of an animal that has been for centuries, as much maligned as loved.


In Care Of Cats Feline Resource Center
1680 Fallen Timber Road
Elizabeth, PA 15037
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