Welcome to the ICC Cat Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been home to, and an immeasurable source of love and care for lost, abandoned, sick, injured, abused, neglected, domestic cats and kittens since 1978. Shunned by irresponsible, cruel people and condemned by society, the most unwanted of all, the sick 'alley cat', became our mission. Seeking them, we became a cat rescue. The ICC Sanctuary is still providing all that those needy companion animals require. Most importantly, safety, comfort, and the loving home all deserve and need. They will never be abandoned again.

Our Mission: To promote understanding of the homeless domestic feline and knowledge of the horrendous overpopulation of the animal. Human neglect has resulted in uncountable numbers and immeasurable suffering. To dispel prevailing ignorance about this domestic companion animal and the illnesses that plague it because of that abandonment and neglect. To provide as much population control as our resources allow, as in TNR when applicable, special medical care and recovery in some cases. To provide permanent sanctuary and care for those homeless felines not healthy enough to be returned to the colony, yet have potential for quality life in a safe and caring environment. To purvey the simple truth that the welfare of all domestic animals is our human responsibility and must be protected by stronger laws and enforcement encompassing pet owner accountability.

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